Psoriasis on the head pictures, home treatment, tips

Psoriasis on head is not dangerous for the life of the patient. However, what often causes this disease can trigger the development of many psychological problems, and isolation of the patient in a social society.


Psoriasis scalp is not contagious and is related to chronic diseases, which can be coupled with frequent relapses. Typical manifestations is the formation of psoriatic plates of different sizes in the area of growth of hair on the head and surrounding skin.

Often this form is the initial development of psoriasis. Later, when the rash can spread to the whole body. An important difference from the dander in the hair on the head is the content in psoriatic plaques, which exceed the amount of the secretion of the glands.

Factors in the development of psoriasis

Clearly, the answer to the question why psoriasis affects the area of growth of hair on the head, it is impossible, as the etiology of psoriasis is not fully understood. However, with 100% certainty it can be argued that psoriasis of any form is not contagious and is not transmitted by contact.

The main reason for the development of psoriasis in the field of hair experts believe, a violation of the metabolic processes in the body, the body responds with accelerated cell division.

Comparative data indicate that psoriasis in the head progresses to 5 days time, standard time, mobile reproduction is about 3 weeks.

According to the scientists who are the precipitating causes of disorders of the hair, which include:

  • damage to the skin in the area of growth of hair on the head as a result of mechanical action;
  • the weakening of the immune system and exposure to stressful situations;
  • irrational nutrition;
  • to strengthen psoriasis symptoms on head it is possible, if the body is foci of chronic infection;
  • addiction (nicotine, alcohol);
  • often they are causes of psoriasis in the field of growth of hair on the head are in violation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • to the development of psoriasis can cause long-term treatment with drugs (especially if the treatment uses steroid drugs);
  • sustained exposure to low temperatures at the head and the hair;
  • hormonal disorders (puberty, pregnancy, etc).

The sudden development of psoriasis on the head in the growth zone of the hair is more often seen in patients over 35 years of age, who have a genetically inherited form of psoriasis that usually occurs after 25 years.

Symptoms of psoriasis on head

In the initial phase of psoriasis symptoms, discreet and on external review, the patient has no major complaints.

Psoriasis of the scalp in a later stage comes with the appearance of small peeling and itching. Additional symptoms may be accompanied by the formation of psoriatic panel (see photo), there are signs of chapped skin. The scaling is replaced by the thickening of the psoriasis areas (see figure).

treatment of psoriasis

In the case of premature treatment of psoriasis in the head the dramatic increase in negative symptoms in the form of active exfoliation and subsequent replacement of panels with the scale of gray color. Can be observed not only on the scalp, but also on the whole body.

The stage of the disease

Methods of treatment, as well as what looks like psoriasis on my head, which affects the level of development of psoriasis:

Home. At this level, one pink papules on the head (pictured), which rise on the skin accompanied by severe itching, and mechanical injury began to bleed. The appearance of papules resemble a small pimple with clearly defined edges. This phase is characterized by the symptom of the psoriatic triad.

Very often this leads to confusion for some patients taking psoriasis for dandruff and for a long time in vain trying to get rid of with the treatment of dandruff.

This phase of the disease is accompanied by a rash on the skin, the scalp, but also the ears and neck. In rare cases of psoriatic manifestations on the face (pictured) that resemble a seborrheic dermatitis or Allergies. If the rash on the scalp is characterized by the appearance of a "psoriatic crown".

Psoriasis in the head that is equipped with the symmetrical appearance of rounded papules, which can reach up to 10 cm in the Initial phase, most often, is not perceived by the patient seriously, although such signs are able to indicate seborrheic form of psoriasis manifestations.

Gradually. At this stage is the appearance of new elements. In this case, the existing papules can spread to the outskirts, which is classified as a symptom of Kebner.

In the stationary. At this stage there has been no development of new lesions that are already present on the scalp does not go away.

Regressive. In this stage the symptoms of psoriasis in the field of growth of hair on the head slowly to neutralize. This phase is characterized by a symptom Voronova (the light ring around the papules in the head).


In severe development of symptoms is possible total defeat of the panels from the skin in the area of growth of hair on the head. The scales thicken and become a lot more. Serious stage of psoriasis is a sign of release from the military service because the army will only aggravate the severity of symptoms.

In children with psoriasis

Psoriasis in children can occur atypically, so that the parents can not recognize the initial symptoms of psoriasis. Child's psoriasis is manifested by redness on the head and in the crease area, which later comes to maceration and peeling of dead skin particles of the epidermis. Often the symptoms of psoriasis resemble thrush, diaper rash, and eczematids.

Younger children, atypically developing the initial symptoms of psoriasis. Sometimes rashes, psoriasis, the child may experience if the child is on any medication. In children, unlike adults, psoriasis is a prolonged disease. To deal with it and are using special treatment. The only exception is the tears psoriasis light level of the child.

Quite often, negative manifestations on the skin causes the incorrect diet, therefore, when the diagnosis of psoriasis in children in the first instance, the doctor finds, — is the diet and what types of foods that are present in the menu of the child. After receiving the answers to their questions, the diet can be adjusted individually.

For quickly eliminate external forms of psoriasis need medication. Quickly remove the pathogenic process and restore the condition of skin and hair, using a spray and lotions for external use, such as Skin-cap. In accordance with the instructions of the spray safe for children and pregnant women. The advantage of this product is the ability to combine the spray with the other therapeutic factors. In addition, the spray Skin-cap does not contain hormonal components. The price of the drug on average is 1600 rubles. and it depends on the region of residence of the patient.

Treatment of psoriasis on the head

Many patients with a similar diagnosis, who are interested in the question of how you can get rid of psoriasis on the head? Treatment of psoriasis on the scalp is carried out with special events:

  • treatment with medications;
  • external preparations (spray, gels);
  • a proper diet;
  • physiotherapy;
  • treatment in health resort areas.

Absolute rule of treatment effectiveness is its support of a highly qualified expert, as self-medication, it can cause a lot of harm to the patient.

Common therapeutic interventions. Treatment of psoriasis in the head region medical is performed in the following cases:

  • antihistamines to relieve swelling and itching of the tissue;
  • usually in psoriasis the scalp are vitamins increase resistance and strengthening effect on the body;
  • to improve the immune system immunomodulators are recommended;
  • welcome retinoids;
  • in severe cases, to get rid of psoriasis symptoms on scalp with the help of corticosteroids. Note, however, that are primarily used drugs, the drug is less toxic.

When you join secondary infection may psoriasis treatment with antibiotics, but medications such as corticosteroids and should be given very carefully, as these agents can cause complications.

External treatment. For the relief of acute symptoms, it is recommended to use in the treatment of external preparations:

  • ointment lamellar keratoplasty;
  • lotions with vitamin D3;
  • lotions with the addition of dithranol;
  • glucocorticoids (cream)— are prescribed in severe course of the disease;
  • shampoos.

psychotropic drugs. Before using this group of medications is to be taken into consideration that are helpful for treating psoriasis only in conjunction with the main treatment. Most often psychotropic drugs that are prescribed for the effective treatment of stress and reduce nervous tension of the patient.

You cannot apply psychotropic drug treatment, when they may develop the condition when traditional medicine the development of psoriasis of the scalp may be ineffective. Such action may be due to serotonergic antidepressants. In addition, they can cause greater hormonal growth, which only increases the symptoms.

Shampoos. Some patients, especially women, who are interested in the question of whether there is no cure for psoriasis on the head with a shampoo?

In the treatment of the disease is often use the following shampoos:

  • tar;
  • antifungal shampoos with the addition of ketoconazole;
  • medicinal shampoo with ichthyol or salicylic acid;
  • for children.

It should be noted that for a full treatment of psoriatic symptoms, it is not enough to use only shampoos, but in General the treatment of psoriasis in the head, shampoos play an important role, confirming the testimonials of patients and doctors.

Physiotherapy. In the complex treatment to get rid of psoriatic plates with the following events:

  • PUVA therapy;
  • UFO;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • effects on psoriatic areas of the erbium laser;
  • hemosorption;
  • sanatorium treatment;
  • plasmapheresis.

Popular treatment. On the question of how to treat psoriasis on the head, using traditional recipes, is often enough. Since ancient times, healers help the sick with healing herbs. Note that, as the main method of treatment of psoriasis symptoms of the scalp, with the use of traditional recipes that would not. They are effective only in complex with traditional treatment.

It is important to remember that traditional medicines can have a large impact on the head, which can cause skin irritation. Therefore, before starting treatment you should consult with your doctor.

Often used the following recipes for the treatment of psoriasis:

  • home often used celandine and recipes. You can prepare a medicinal infusion. If you want to do this, take celandine (300 g), grind it in a meat grinder, and then squeeze all the juice out. Then the infusion is added dry red wine (30 ml). The boiled mixture to the smear psoriatic patches on the head, making it for maximum effect is at least 15-20 minutes, then rinse the residue of the mixture;
  • it is recommended to prepare a solution of celandine on alcohol. For this you need the powder to dry celandine (¼ article), pour 0.5 liters of alcohol, leaving for 2-3 hours to charge. Cooked medium-wash affected area with psoriasis, you should then rinse hair with infusion of chamomile;
  • at home you can prepare the cream solidol (300 gr.), 2 egg whites eggs, 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp on the floor of the celandine. It is recommended to smear the mixture region of the head psoriasis 1 R. (in the morning) for 5 days, after that you will need to take a short break;
  • psoriasis of the scalp, and neutralize with the use of ointments prepared at home (petrolatum + ashes from the twigs of the wild rose) in a 1:1 ratio. This means that you need to smear the head on the day. A positive effect of treatment appears after 7 days. An important condition for such treatment is daily washing of the hair. It is therefore advisable to wash your hair with detergents with the addition of tar;
  • traditional recipes are advised for the preparation of ointments for the head, with the use of celandine sorrel and birch tar in equal shares. The solution is 1 p. on the day, not more than 20 minutes and allows you to effectively get rid of psoriatic manifestations on the scalp. Note that this ointment is very valid and we do not recommend its use at night.