psoriasis beginning stage photos

Because psoriasis is seen in an early stage, you ask!? Wavy psoriasis due to the succession of certain phases in its manifestation, development and current. Psoriasis is a 4 stages of development: Early stage (or early stage) Progress stage of the Stationary stage of the Retrogressive stage. Psoriasis in the initial phase: the photo in the hands and feet Among the main first symptoms of psoriasis early stage on the appearance of small papular elements, the epidermal-dermal in nature (see the picture below).

In the early stages of psoriasis pictures papules look like small, pinhead size, in the form of half-beads of the formation of pink color, with a smooth, shiny surface. A few days later they are covered with silvery-white scales which are easily removable. Such displays are called point of psoriasis.

Psoriasis in the early phase is characterized by the appearance of small new elements psoriasis or growth of existing first signs of psoriasis.

How the initial stage of psoriasis pictures

This is followed by a progressive phase, in which the growth and confluence of the rash. The first signs of progressive stage is the nature of the peeling, which covers only the Central part of the elements, leaving the peripheral pink Corolla -symptom of the growth of psoriatic cells. Other signs of progressive stage is the presence of the phenomenon of isomorphic psoriatic reaction (symptom Kebnera). It is right that the causing of damage to the affected skin of the patient after 7-8 days in this place, precisely matching the configuration of the injury, is a typical psoriatic element.

how the initial stage of psoriasis pictures

The practical existence of the phenomenon Kebnera installed with psoriatic linear elements that appear after some kind of trauma, for example, when you scratch a strong itch, etc., Finally, at an advanced stage, patients feel itching of varying intensity, which is usually not typical for other stages of the process. The duration of the higher stage of the individual. Usually the progressive phase lasts from 2 weeks to several months. In this period it is best to use a non-hormonal ointment psoriasis in the prevention and further treatment.

The stationary phase of psoriasis follows a progressive, and may take an indefinite period of time. You can go in the end, the retrogressive stage of psoriasis or be transformed into a progressive. Its features are: date the formation of the new elements of the dermatosis and pauses in the growth of the existing lining.

In this stage intensifies the peeling, to obtain a typical character and covers the entire surface of the element. Half of patients develop the so-called pseudo-atrophic Corolla Voronova. At the same time, on the outskirts of the elements occurs in a narrow (1-2 mm) the rim is slightly coloured, the skin and easy folding in of the edges, resembling a crumpled tissue paper.

the stationary phase of psoriasis

Retrogressive stage of psoriasis is ultimately psoriatic cycle. This is accompanied by a reduction of peeling, gradually aligning in the center and their subsequent complete resolution. These are images of different shapes (arc, trapezoid, etc.).

In this case, psoriasis is geographic. May be another way of resolving the elements, which starts from the outskirts of the item. No scarring or atrophy, is not formed. On the web site is allowed items may show hyperpigmentation or areas without pigment (psoriatic psevdoleykoderma). These changes are temporary. It should be noted that this division is largely conditional. In some cases it is difficult to determine at what stage of the process. In this case, the diagnosis of psoriasis is established after observing the patient.