Treatment, symptoms and causes of psoriasis on the knees (photo)

Psoriasis on the elbows is a very common form of the disease. Statistics show that the frequency of occurrence of psoriasis on the knees higher in people of middle age. The main characteristic manifestations of the disease are psoriatic lesions on the extensor surface of the hands.

psoriasis on the knees

Symptoms of psoriasis on the knees

Psoriasis on the knees treatment should begin immediately, when the disease does not develop into more serious and complicated stage.

There are certain symptoms, which allows time for detection of on the elbow the symptoms of the disease and may be for the treatment of psoriasis.

  • Psoriasis elbow photo patients gave clearly to understand, that this is part of the hand shaped inflammatory lesions, which may be of different sizes;
  • Rashes are prone to peripheral growth;
  • In the initial phase is together with the fact that the elbow is covered by a single injury;
  • If you don't begin the treatment of a disease, one plaque, will merge, turning into larger formations on the knee;
  • On the surface of the elbows appear the scales are a silver color, which is easy to remove, even with a slight mechanical action;
  • Scratching the patches on the knees, you remove a thin film, which will open the surface of the skin pink-red color. It can manifest itself in a drop of blood, which is called the phenomenon of the red rose.
  • Sometimes elbows can appear papules with rims around, and without scales;
  • Disease of the knee is a phenomenon of waves, which may result in exacerbation, remission and then re-aggravation;
  • In the formation of diffuse lesions of the knee and lack of proper treatment, occurs in the later stage of psoriasis. For the treatment of chronic forms of the disease is problem;
  • Sometimes, the disease, that the patient does not heal, it is a complex manifestation of arthritis;
  • If you want to start in a timely and effective treatment of the knee, get rid of all the symptoms of psoriasis within a period of 1-2 months;
  • Most people who are faced with psoriasis on the knees, note the presence of itching;
  • How to treat psoriasis on the knees? For the treatment of this disease, is impossible. But, if it is correct to assign something for the treatment of psoriasis and follow the instructions of the doctor, the disease can be a long time to enter into a state of remission.


The appearance of psoriasis on the knees, how to treat and what to use, you can just tell the doctor. For this he will need to identify the possible causes, which awakened the disease.

The real reasons why it psoriasis on the elbows, still has not been determined. However, there are factors that affect the onset of disease. This is because the disease is considered to be hereditary type of the disease, the predisposition, which is transmitted from generation to generation.

To start the mechanism of development of psoriasis on knee can:

  • The presence of a genetic predisposition in combination with external and internal influences;
  • Irregularities in the systems that are responsible for the metabolic processes;
  • The "Problem" of the endocrine system;
  • Constant or severe stress, anxiety and nervous shock;
  • Problems with the immune system;
  • The presence of the skin to mechanical damage — scratches, abrasions and cuts.

Methods of treatment of psoriasis knee

To get rid of psoriasis on elbows need to implement some measures and the exercise of patience. To cure the disease quickly not. Plus, you need the endurance and strict compliance with all physician orders and instructions for medication.

How to treat the disease at the knee? It is recommended to use the method of complex effects on disease. Comprehensive treatment consists of several methods, each of which has its own characteristics.

  1. Local treatment. Provides for the application of medical ointments, creams or lotions. Assets of local influence necessarily get along with the dermatologist. In the initial stage of the disease, it is recommended to treat with simple medications, that is free of hormones. They have no side effects and almost no contraindications, except individual intolerance. And hormonal ointments, potentially dangerous, if you violate instructions for their use. Hormonal drugs, which are prescribed only in acute stage, when other medicines do not help.
  2. Vitamins. Taking vitamin plays an important role as a means for the treatment of psoriasis. For the determination of the missing body of a substance which the appropriate tests. On their basis the doctor prescribes a specific vitamin complex. Abuse vitamins also not worth it, otherwise their properties can lead to unpleasant consequences for the organism.
  3. Diet. Nutrition is the Foundation of a successful recovery. There are a number of special diets and developments in the nutrition of the patient during psoriasis. Many times a person has psoriasis more, only moving on to a healthy life style, elimination of harmful and potentially dangerous products from the diet.
  4. Photochemotherapy. The corresponding procedures are usually performed in the hospital. They are different and are prescribed depending on the patient's current status.
  5. Physiotherapy. It is also the prerogative of the stationary Spa treatment, but can be used in the treatment at home. List of physical therapy and the frequency of their conduct is prescribed by your doctor.
  6. Traditional medicine. Not one of the folk medicine has proved its value in the treatment of various forms of diseases. Because it is widely used in traditional recipes, prefer to buy the ointment. Home ointment can work better than drugs. However, their use must be agreed with your doctor. If he approves of your technique and can be combined with these drugs, which are called the expert, the efficiency of complex treatment can seriously increase.

It is important to understand that self-medication often leads to severe complications cure, which will be much more expensive and it takes a lot of time. At least have to hormonal ointment, injection and a series of very unpleasant and sometimes painful procedures.

In order to prevent deterioration of your condition, to the elbow, psoriasis are advised to follow the doctor's orders, and to comply with certain measures to prevent disease.


The appearance of psoriasis on the knees give you the right idea — the immediate treatment. If you manage to overcome the disease and to translate the psoriasis on your elbows in remission, the duration of this period can be significantly increased.

If you want to do this, follow the simple rules for the prevention of psoriasis.

  • Minimize the number of stressful situations, worries and nervous breakdowns;
  • Stick to the assigned dermatologist and diet diet. If you know specifics about your body and confident in the absence of allergies to a certain food, you can develop a diet by the method of the Pegano;
  • Increase the duration of sleep. During sleep the body effectively fights psoriasis. The duration of sleep should be 8 hours.
  • Try to completely avoid alcohol and Smoking. Not only have a positive impact on psoriasis, the knees and also get rid of many other problems;
  • Preventive measures for the prevention of psoriasis on the elbows;
  • Protects the skin on the elbows from chemical and mechanical damage.

Psoriasis is quite unpleasant disease, which requires a lot of time and effort. However, neglect can lead to serious consequences.