The shampoo from psoriasis on the head

When psoriasis occurs on the scalp needs special care. Get rid of papules will help the shampoo from psoriasis, contains components, which contribute to relieve the patient's condition and recovery. The market offers a wide range of therapeutic shampoos to navigate and choose the most effective tool, it is important to know the characteristics of each species.

As for washing my hair for psoriasis: the choice of shampoo

Psoriasis on the head

At the first signs of psoriasis of the scalp, you should immediately begin with a special shampoo. Used conventional cosmetics is not necessary, because it is fraught with serious complications. Psoriatic papules will grow rapidly in diameter, it will increase their number, flaking and itching will increase. As a result, the hair begins to fall, and on the head of the formation of large wounds.

Shampoo against psoriasis is a complex effect. Its composition contains ingredients that help to repair skin affected by the disease. A result of the application of therapeutic agents:

  • Accelerating the pace and intensity of the treatment of the skin, papules diminish in size, and soon disappear.
  • The skin softens, becomes more elastic, which reduces the risk of injury, for example during combing.
  • Is reduced or completely disappears itching.
  • The skin gets enough hydration levels, fights excessive dryness. The result is a reduction in the level of exfoliation.
  • Reduces the intensity of the pain that often accompanies the disease.

It is important to know the characteristics, composition and operation of the different types of shampoos that helps to get rid of psoriasis on the scalp, reach a state of remission.

Antifungal shampoos

Psoriasis of the scalp, often accompanied by the presence of a fungal infection. This will help eliminate special shampoos. Contain components that is designed for the treatment of skin, affected by fungi of different kinds.

The result of the use of antifungal shampoos ─ reduces inflammation of the skin, eliminate peeling, how to get rid of dandruff, itching.

Tar shampoos

The active ingredient of shampoos with tar stands of birch, pine, willow, juniper, or coal tar. Its ingredients are effective in dealing with psoriasis. Are clear the epidermis of dead skin cells, soothes inflammation, eliminate itching and flaking. There are different types of shampoos, each of which has unique characteristics.


Popular products in this category are made up of natural ingredients. These include birch tar, chamomile, st. john's wort, succession, celandine. Shampoos are antiseptic, antifungal and antimicrobial effect, reduces itching, flaking, promotes rapid healing of psoriatic papules.

Suitable for everyday use. Assets are completely safe. Improve the condition of the skin after the first use. In order to prevent the development of psoriasis these funds is to make use of once per week.

Medicated shampoos

Funds from the psoriasis that are related to the category of health, are composed of strong components, such as zinc, salicylic acid, and Ichthyol, of urea. Work in an integrated way, which contribute to the treatment of pimples and restore the skin.

The most effective medications have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. The active ingredients eliminate the itching, dryness, flaking.

Any treatment shampoo for psoriasis used: the product should be used on the scalp, leave on 5-15 minutes, rinse thoroughly. If you regularly and properly used medicinal shampoos, will help you to get rid of psoriasis. Choosing a good shampoo alone keep in mind that it is the best remedy, is recommended by the doctor. Specialist select shampoo according to your individual needs.