Treatment of psoriasis - the most effective medications and folk remedies

Diseases of the skin requires special treatment, but it is the only effective cure for psoriasis? When you use each of the proposed therapeutic products must pass a series of examinations to select the current medications. The disease, which significantly spoil the quality of life, chronic pathology causes the person to use drugs your whole life. Find out what medicines for psoriasis are the most effective.


What is psoriasis

Diseases of the skin chronic, non-infectious character called scaly ringworm, or psoriasis. Described dermatosis is characterized by the autoimmune nature of the phenomenon. Externally, the disease manifested through elevated above the surface of the skin red spots, too dry. The disease can form the panels combine together to papules, which become areas of inflammation and the formation of new capillaries small size (when angiogenesis is excessive formation).

Treatment of psoriasis

The appropriate treatment can be obtained only after an accurate diagnosis and laboratory investigations. The doctor will monitor the effectiveness of medical techniques that allow the patient to achieve long-term remission. At the time of systemic treatment, patients need to drink a lot of mineral water. In treatment stemming from the individual characteristics of a particular adult or child. How to treat psoriasis? Treatment is determined on the basis of:

  1. the age of the patient;
  2. pathological features;
  3. history;
  4. the severity of the disease.

Common treatment:

  • internal medicine;
  • physical therapy (getting the specific procedure);
  • external therapy;
  • alternative therapies (ozone therapy);
  • climatotherapy;
  • dietotherapy.


Chronic diseases are not considered in full, but with proper ongoing therapy we can stop the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms for a long time. The medicine can not only eliminate the resulting discomfort, but to reconcile, the healing of the skin. In the treatment for quick effect, assigned to the sprays, injections, lotions, creams, ointments, herbal preparations.


cream for psoriasis

Soothes redness, itching and irritation helps special ointment psoriasis on the skin. In the case of the use of hormonal methods, so it is important to choose the dose and observe it. These ointments can trigger the development of serious pathological conditions of infectious and necrotic lesions of the skin. These exacerbations are difficult to treat. Gently apply the medicated ointment on the basis of the solidol, oil, and salicylic acid.


In contrast to ointments, healing creams have a less pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. However, it is better absorbed into the skin. Cream from psoriasis used to dry the affected area twice a day. Depending on the severity of the disease course it can take up to months of continuous treatment. The cream does not contribute to the risk of atrophic process, which includes the possibility of their long use, but before use consult with your dermatologist.


Eliminate the symptoms of psoriasis can complex therapeutic procedures and the use of effective synthetic drugs. Pharmaceutical companies, which offer their customers the neutralization of external, visible and internal symptoms of psoriasis. The improvement of the medicinal product during the use of the pills and a special diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the selection of competent means outdoor use.

The treatment of psoriatic symptoms on the skin is carried out according to the principle:

  1. For the first time, treatment with medication outdoor action with a weak effect.
  2. With the further development of psoriasis are assigned to more powerful tools, such as, hormone replacement therapy.


Treatment for the acute stage of the infectious process is accompanied with antibiotics. Any medications should be administered only after professional consultation with a physician. To eliminate the negative effects of antibiotics on the human stomach should be parallel to take probiotics. Select the most effective antibiotic, provide laboratory analysis on bacterial screening for the determination of the activity of bacteria, substances, medicines. The most commonly used medicines in the penicillin, macrolide and cephalosporin.

Folk remedies

folk remedies

Excellent results in the treatment of psoriasis and dermatitis show folk medicines. Effective recipes using only natural ingredients that positively affect the health status of the patient. Among the herbal medications that are used:

  • Bay leaf;
  • herbal (st. john's wort, violets, chamomile);
  • in the celandine;
  • nuts;
  • tincture of agrimony;
  • barley malt;
  • decoctions of dandelion and burdock.

Below are the most effective recipes for natural remedies:

  1. Garlic. Take 1 head, crush and pour over the pod for 2 hours 200 ml of boiling water. In the prepared infusion to moisten the cloth and apply on the earth.
  2. Propolis and butter. To connect with 200 g of propolis extract and the same amount of butter, already melted. Put the mixture on fire and heat a quarter of an hour. Cool and drain, RUB into the affected area three times a day.
  3. Milk decoction of grapes, burdock, Linseed. That these natural ingredients: burdock root is required, from the grapes, only the leaves. Ingredients pour in milk 200 ml, heat to boil 5 minutes on weak fire. Cool, not lotions.

The best medicine for psoriasis

The only effective medication for the treatment of psoriasis does not exist in relation to the individuality of each human body. Judging by the reviews, some patients noted improvement after the use of infusions, herbal decoctions, UVB (exposure to ultraviolet), PUVA-therapy (light therapy), homeopathic and Chinese remedies. How to choose the most effective way? The diversity of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of psoriasis is divided into 2 groups: outdoors, indoors.

The choice of drug depends on personal preference. Check the versions of the tasks in the table below:

Exterior For oral administration
patches biologics
grease retinoids (vitamin a)
shampoos antimetabolites (antagonists of folic acid)
oil antihistamines
cream antibiotics
gels immunosuppressants
sprays corticosteroids


In the large pharmaceutical market represents a huge number of effective drugs local impact. In the absence of the necessary medication, you can easily find equivalents. For the purchase of medicines in psoriasis in the pharmacy kiosks, or purchased in the online shop to order the catalog. Prices of medicines with the same name, which is changing, when you buy a: this depends on the manufacturer, the place of sale, the means of production.

The information presented in the article is of an informative nature. The article is not calling for self-healing. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of each patient.