How to get rid of psoriasis on the head: 6 ways

For the removal of the inflamed tubercles, covered with scales of epithelium, help the folk remedies, diet and hormonal drugs and sedative properties.

recipes from psoriasis

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Psoriasis is not transmitted by airborne or sexually transmitted, but the doctors can't treat. Modern medicines only remove the symptoms and increase the duration of remission. However, drugs that are weak, if people are not on their diet, because the health and appearance depends on the quality of the products.

The patient with dermatological diseases contraindicated chocolate, coffee, cakes and drinks, containing dust or powder from cocoa beans. The worsening of symptoms leading meat and marinades, as well as a large amount of salts. Spice keeps the fluid in the body, slowing down metabolism.

Papules and itching will disappear if the patient is going to refuse from fried, sugar, fats and canned. Will be removed from the menu spicy dishes and spices, soda, eggs and vegetables, red color. While acute psoriasis on the head exclude:

  • sources of simple carbohydrates;
  • meat in any form;
  • white and rye bread;
  • red berries and fruits;
  • alcohol;
  • products with the colors.

The components that cause psoriasis, are replacing healthy meals from fish, flax, seeds and nuts. They give your body vitamins and amino acids, which normalize the nervous system, restore the skin and accelerate the metabolism.

Metabolism aktiviziruyutsya with sources of complex carbs. These include cereals, bread, flour and dry bread. In the diet of a patient with psoriasis is that fermented milk drinks, fermented baked milk, natural yoghurt without sugar and additives, yogurt and cheese. A healthy salad of green vegetables, olive oil and fruit neutral shades: apples, peaches, pears, bananas.

The food in the exacerbation of psoriasis is the use of the fractional. Between meals, to three-hour break. Be sure to drink clean water, which helps the body to fight inflammation, slow metabolism, toxins.

Medical methods and cosmetics

People with dermatological diseases does not correspond to the normal shampoos and conditioners. Wash the scalp, which was founded papules and crusts, we recommend a special anti-inflammatory drugs.

Suitable baby shampoos which do not cause allergies, and treatment with sulfur, tar, zinc and salicylic acid. Supplements absorb into the skin, soothes the itch. Funds from the psoriasis to reduce inflammation, moisturize the epithelium, and prolongation of remission. For shampoo accelerated recovery, it is necessary to use correctly:

  • Handle wet hair, lather and leave for 5-6 minutes.
  • Use the remedy at least 2 months, but preferably 3-4.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo from psoriasis, three times a week.

Apply the preparation twice: the first part washes away dirt, sebum and epithelial cells and other food anti-inflammatory components.

Shampoos supplement ointments. In the initial phase of psoriasis, treated with products that are the zinc, naphthalene, tar. In the pharmacy you can buy cheap creams and pastes.

Home-made compresses

Scaly scales are soften by the compression of scrap components. Moisturizes and eliminates inflammation of the mixture of oils: olive, sunflower, almond, coconut and apricots. In a bowl mix 2-3 components and the heat the mask in a water bath. Massage movements rubbed into the scalp, wrap with a plastic cap. Oil medication is left overnight and in the morning wash off the remains of the Apple bite, diluted with water. 60 ml of the selected drug take 0.5 liters of hot liquids.

Cream for psoriasis, is prepared from castor oil. Mix 15 ml of the component with liquid vitamins E, A and D. Enter the warm oil 10-15 drops of each Supplement and gently RUB the mixture into painful education. Head wrap with cling film and a towel, to increase absorption of nutrients.

Symptoms of psoriasis pure clover flowers. In the bag thick gauze pour 6-7 tablespoons dried plants. The workpiece was dipped for 5 minutes in boiling water, then squeeze lightly. A warm poultice applied to the problem area to cool. The tea from the flowers of clover is taken orally, but without honey or sugar.

Mustard masks increase blood circulation in the scalp. They reduce inflammation, itching, and soothe. Medicinal paste prepared from ground mustard. The dry product is introduced to the warm water in small amounts until you get a thick mass, resembling the consistency of jelly.

The mask of the thin layer distributed over the scalp. The treated surface cover with cling film, top, tie a woolen scarf or scarf. Mustard hold the cure for the appearance of a strong burning. The rest of the dust, wash the herbal teas, which soothe the reddened skin.

Recipes with celandine

Celandine has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Masks, herbal teas and lotions from plants reduce the papules, softening the rind of the epithelium and quickly remove the symptoms of psoriasis.


Growth plates stop the infusion of dried stalks. In a mortar mash 50-60 g twigs along with leaves and inflorescences. In a jar or bottle, mix the infusion and 500 ml of alcohol or good quality vodka. Infusion of celandine filtered through the week. The first 2-3 drops applied to the wrist or forearm. If not, rashes or swelling, are rubbed in the scalp. Leave the tincture on the skin to dry, then washing the hair decoction of chamomile. Herbal drink will protect against skin irritation and burns.

Ointment of psoriasis is prepared from fresh celandine. Plant a tear in a rubber glove. The green twigs are ground in a meat grinder or blender. Measure out 30 g of juicy pulp and mixed with other ingredients:

  • two beaten egg whites;
  • a glass of vaseline;
  • 30 g of honey.

Use fresh eggs, the egg yolks, the medication is not accumulating. Products, mix with a whisk until smooth. You can heat the mass in a water bath so that the petroleum jelly was soft. However, the temperature must not exceed +60 degrees.

The ointment is rubbed in pure roots, leave for an hour and a half. Remedy, a tincture, wash out decoction of chamomile, which neutralizes the juice of celandine and eliminates itching.

In patients who do not have the time for frequent compresses and masks, is recommended medicine from the red wine. Alcohol mixed with juice squeezed from 300 g of fresh celandine. In the warm solution soaked cotton cloth, cover the poultice with a plastic bag and went to sleep. Lotion not in the evening, once a day. In the morning, the hair is washed with warm decoction of chamomile.