How psoriasis on the hands photos

Psoriasis and its appearance in the photo the hands look ugly and the other person is disgust. Especially, when the patches grow to cover large areas of the hands. This form of lichen is expressed in a variety of skin panels, which tend to peel off. In a patient with psoriasis lesions may be different and limited character.

psoriasis on the hands photos

Psoriasis in the area of the elbow on the outer side shows in the form of a reddish rash. This is a fast-growing and strengthening, and the surface is usually white in color, often neglecti. In severe cases there may be a few very large spots covering the whole surface of the elbow. Often the shoulders and underarms are also affected with psoriasis.

On the back surface of the hands can be formed of the size of the panels reddish color. In the last point are pale pink, with time they darken and turn red. In the quiet period of the disease plaque yellow. In more extreme cases, spots may coalesce, affecting large surface area of the skin on the hands, and are a blue shade. Depending on the characteristics of the skin may occur mottling, especially around the hair. The palm of the hand can cause stripes in the form of bubbles.

On the fingers, near the joints, rashes accompanied by swelling. And not joint tissues are often affected by the disease, a phenomenon known as arthropathic psoriasis. Another type of psoriasis can be warty growths. And diabetic patients, the skin is covered with crust on the area of rashes. This form of psoriasis is called exudative. Cold sores on fingers, can lead to serious complications and affect the nails, causing them to begin to fail.

In the initial stage in the hands (photo)

Psoriasis starts with a small rash, which people erroneously mistaken for allergies. To ignore these papules is impossible, it usually appears suddenly on the dorsum of the page or between the fingers.

In the initial phase of the psoriatic plates at the hands of a very small, no bigger than a match head, as the rash is called spot psoriasis. She has a bright pink color, shiny and smooth surfaces. Over time this surface is covered with white scales which are easily removable. In the early stages of psoriatic rash grows, new papules, gradually spreading over the skin. All existing patches, which grow in size and then into large panels.

One of the first signs of progressive disease is scaling, which starts from the Central region of the psoriatic spots. In the initial phase, patients feel itching, different power. To scratching the affected area, it comes to the appearance of isomorphic psoriatic reaction. If you continue to hard to comb the psoriatic area of the skin, can be blood, which speaks denique punctum bleeding.

In rare cases, even in the beginning of the disease, the scale that can absorb the serous fluid, which is formed from the blood. This is usually a liquid that has a yellow color, soaking her scales in the crust, and if it is removed, then the skin will be hydrated.

How long the initial period is hard to say and depends on various factors. From the General state of human health, healing and immunity. Typically, the first stage lasts a few weeks.

Psoriasis in a child (photo)

psoriasis on the knee pictures

In the initial stage of psoriasis, the child can be easily confused with allergies or diathesis. And this is a problem, as accurate diagnosis depends on the effectiveness of treatment.

The children's symptoms of psoriasis is a little different from that of an adult. In infants, ringworm appears as small red spots, which are more adults, they peel. Certain diseases can cause the onset of psoriasis in children, for example, such infections as otitis media and pharyngitis. Psoriasis usually appears on skin folds, the child feels itching.

For severe forms of psoriasis can cause certain medications, and emotional stress. Such forms of lichens, the children usually must be hospitalized, for example, can be pustular psoriasis. This type of psoriasis are diagnosed rarely. After the presentation of some of the plaques on a few weeks of starting the merge, and the result is one large papules. There is peeling and swollen.

There is a congenital form of psoriasis, when a baby is born sick. Such cases are very rare, but still exist and require urgent treatment.

Also psoriasis may before the development of arthritis in a child. On average, psoriatic arthritis develops in the ten years after the first skin lesions of psoriasis. Usually, the disease spreads to the joints of the feet and hands. The child complains of pain in these places, especially during physical activity.

Often take away the skin from the defeat of the nail. For several years, this can only be an external sign of the development of psoriasis.

Psoriatic areas of the body that cause the child discomfort, disgust, a sense of shame. This has a direct impact on his emotional state. Psoriasis can be triggered by mental disorders, children often withdraw into ourselves and become uncommunicative.

Treatment of psoriasis

In the treatment of psoriasis on the hands, the most effective is to find the way. The doctor prescribed any medication, must take into account the patient's age, form of the illness and factors that trigger relapse. The treatment is carried out sequentially, changing one type of impact to another approximately every 3 months.

In the treatment is carefully selected, rate of supply, and assigned to the vitamins. The purpose of the diet for psoriasis is to support the acid-alkaline balance. Nutrition is 60-70% will be made up of vegetables and fruits, with plenty of water, preferably distilled and fresh juices.

Vitamins for psoriasis includes:

  • Retinol, it helps keep the keratin content in the skin cells.
  • Vitamin D, which in some ointments. Has a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • Vitamin E, which stimulates the metabolism in cells. It is usually administered in the form of oil solution.
  • B vitamins This is a, B1, B6, B12, B15. They are appointed either in diluted form or in the form of intramuscular injections.

In the treatment of psoriasis on hands widely used in ointments, creams and spray:

  1. Shatilova ointment. It has anti-inflammatory effect and helps to restore skin tissue.
  2. Ointment on the basis of tar, which kills bacteria and cleanses the skin from dead cells.
  3. The ointment is oil based. These ointments have a complex effect on the whole body.
psoriasis on hands treatment

Psoriasis treatment with sunlight. Phototherapy.

  • Photochemotherapy (PUVA) exposure to long-wave ultraviolet radiation
  • Selective phototherapy. A mixture of long wave and medium unda phototherapy
  • UV-b rays. Phototherapy usawanhouse radiation

Treatment of folk remedies

  • In the celandine. If you are using fresh juice of this plant, it is likely to clear skin with pimples. Also for topical application use the ointment of celandine.
  • A decoction of chicory roots. Broth soaked bandage is used on the affected area of the skin.
  • Dried Wheatgrass. The solution from these roots is used to bath. Treatable psoriasis on your toes.