How to treat psoriasis permanently - Allergy Treatment

The skin in the season of exacerbation is covered with scales, a small rash. All this is accompanied by pain, severe burning sensation, itching, lesions of the joints, muscles, tissue and lymph nodes.

how to treat psoriasis forever

Important! The disease can lead to alcohol, stress, improper diet and taking certain medications. Except for the relief of itching and rashes in need of comprehensive therapy, including the treatment of related diseases, preventive nutrition, body cleansing.

A rational scheme for the treatment of psoriasis:

  • Local treatment of the damaged dermis. For these purposes, the solutions, creams or ointments that are used for the treatment of the affected parts.
  • Lack of efficacy, treatment with ultraviolet rays of B type. The number of treatments depends on the extent, the nature of the disease.
  • Systemic therapy. Intravenous infusion of medications and injections, which prolongs the period of remission. In difficult situations, perhaps with the use of a specific preparation.

Psoriasis – a systemic disease, it is the best complement to the basic therapy will be the proper diet, refusal of harmful habits, reduction of stressful situations. This will restore the immune system, strengthening the protective functions of the organism, which will reduce the onset of symptoms of the disease.

Treatment at home: the principles of

Not the doctor that will be able to answer the question, is it possible to cure psoriasis forever, but there is a way to increase the duration of remission. For the relief of the symptoms of the disease allow, ointments, creams, gels, and solutions (non-prescription and prescription), medicines, detergents, baths, decoctions of herbs.

Fast cure for psoriasis, will be only the respect of basic rules:

  • the correctness of the care;
  • the observance of the indications medication recommendations of their dermatologist and the schedule of taking the drug;
  • if you do not express the symptoms, it is better to use over-the-counter medications for local effects, drugs plant-based;
  • treatment should be selected taking into account the characteristics of the organism, the disease;
  • before applying on the problem area ointment or cream to the skin must be carefully cleaned of scales and crusts (if you remove them, the patient reinforces the effect of the medicinal product);
  • apply only one tool of local action or the medicinal product for the prevention of allergic reactions, in addition, allows to determine the efficiency;
  • between courses of therapy take breaks and some time to change the ointment or medicine to remove the addictive;
  • to find out, resulting in rashes on the body, because sometimes psoriasis can be cured by the exclusion of one irritant.

Self-treatment of psoriasis involves the use of dermatological drugs, which have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. How to beat psoriasis with this blend of: violet leaves-3 colored and celandine, 10 g., a glass of water. Put on a slow fire, simmer for 20 min. Take 50 ml of 1 times/day before meal.

Many patients cured of psoriasis by using home ointments. The most effective recipes:

  • Birch tar – 60 gr. petrolatum – 40 gr. tincture Sophora 0.5 vial. Mix well, leave for 12 days in a dark place. The tool removes psoriatic panels, if they are daily for the treatment of painful periods.

Self-treatment does not mean that systematic consultation is no longer needed. It is only after examination can determine exactly how to get rid of psoriasis, still, if this is possible.

Important! New prescription drugs in dermatology, may significantly alleviate the symptoms of disease, increase the duration of remission. But, to assign them can only be attending physician taking into account individual characteristics of the patient.

Physical therapy and alternative methods

To eliminate psoriasis for the active use of the various procedures of physical therapy. How to remove the psoriatic plates, without medication:

  • PUVA therapy or phototherapy – exposure of the problem areas with ultraviolet radiation. 2 hours before the procedure the patient should take a drug that increases skin sensitivity to light. Psoriasis is to beat the 80%.
  • Plasmapheresis. Using the procedure of blood-derived toxic substances, fungi and pathogens, which reduces the load on the kidneys, the liver, the body's defence systems and equipment.
  • Cryotherapy – the impact on the affected areas of the specific gaseous mixture at a low temperature.
  • Ultrasound cleaning of the laser pulses, which removed the plasma. The main advantage of this method is the lack of negative effects.
  • Hemosorption. The blood is purified by the sorbent, which contribute to the elimination of toxins.

Treatment with fish is one of the best and the safest methods for getting rid of psoriasis. Popular cleansing with the help of little Garra rufa fish. The creatures that eat the old cells, remove the psoriatic lesions, no pain in a natural way. Massage improves blood circulation.


Psoriasis is treated or not, depending on the severity of the disease, individual peculiarities of the organism. Methods of prevention and treatment should be agreed with your doctor.

How to prevent regression

Prevention in all cases, adds value to each therapy. The main task of the doctor is to not allow a repeat of the psoriatic lesions on the skin.

To prevent the development of disease after remission will result in:

  • control of metabolic processes in cells during psoriasis;
  • immune suppression with non-steroidal drugs (allocated to all patients who were treated for psoriasis);
  • replacing the blood helps in the acute course of the disease, prevents the re-emergence of the rash.

Important! A positive effect on the skin and provide natural mineral water sources and the Dead sea, rich in different vitamins and minerals in the natural form. Swimming in these lakes will restore the affected areas in the dermis.

Traditional and folk medicine, unfortunately, I can't find an accurate answer, or psoriasis is curable. The disease is autoimmune in nature, making it difficult to fight against it. There are a lot of prescription drugs, as well as resources for local action, helps to relieve the symptoms of the disease. But before you use one, you should consult with your doctor.