Psoriasis treatment at home: the fastest way

Quick and safe recovery is possible in case if the patient will follow the doctor's recommendations and take into account the number of rules, tailored for him.

treatment of psoriasis at home

The right psoriasis treatment at home consists of several main points.

Factors of a successful therapy

All people who have psoriasis, my dream is to get rid of it forever. This is a chronic disease, against which there are no medicines that can cure completely.

Each method of treatment, which is focused on restoring the skin and maximum long-term remission. Because for the treatment you need to find the best methods suitable for each individual case.

If you seek for psoriasis treatment at home, follow a few key rules that will ensure the highest quality, safe and long lasting results.

  1. A comprehensive impact. Only in this way help in the fight against the disease as effectively as possible. Most people prefer to treat psoriasis at home and in the exceptional cases required hospitalization. Get rid of the psoriatic plates, must be based on a certain set of drugs and treatment methods. This includes a variety of pills, ointments, physiotherapy, sunbath, etc .. the List of ways the doctor selects individually. Universal schemes do not exist.
  2. If the symptoms of psoriasis is weak, but to deal with rashes, you can light safe vehicles. Not in a hurry to go on strong medications. They are not necessary already in an early stage. If the psoriasis is started, then it is the only way to get rid of the tumors will be the rate of hormonal methods.
  3. Hydration of the skin. Regardless of what grandma's recipes and pharmacy drug, using it, the psoriasis dries the skin. She needs constant moisture. Do not forget to use special creams and lotions.
  4. A clear timetable. Home treatment will be more effective if you strictly follow the schedule of medications, treatments, sunbathing and other components of combination therapy.
  5. 2 or more at the same time. Methods of folk medicine are many, but it is a combination of several recipes together, you may not get the desired effect. The use of each method in turn to see what worked and what cause side effects.
  6. The breaks between the courses. Also safe folk cure for psoriasis, it is used the rate at which he takes a break. Usually it is 2 weeks to 6 months.
  7. In psoriasis treatment at home is necessarily accompanied by regular visits to the dermatologist. This is to ensure that the doctor monitor the disease and be able to adjust the schemes to exclude inefficient way and add on a new recipe.

Some patients forget that the methods of traditional medicine, which are part of the comprehensive treatment, and not their own funds. Only the intelligent combination of different techniques can achieve positive dynamics and suppress the activity of pathological skin cells. To achieve a durable remission.

Important warnings

In the fight against psoriasis at home folk remedies, some people forget about the hidden threats of self-treatment. If you don't, consult with a doctor and do not pass the examination, treatment, is a risk to face unpleasant consequences and side effects. In theory, the effective treatment change in a wide range of dangerous symptoms and complications.

For the traditional medicine, it was only the benefits, you need to understand the tools and know your body. Please note, more traps, to which extreme caution should be taken, that those who are struggling with psoriasis home.

  1. Intolerance. Each body is unique, as is the use of the same drug people's reaction is the opposite. Some people have an individual intolerance to the people of the recipes and their individual components. If you do not know about this, they face the risk of redness, itching and severe burning sensation. Do not fight with psoriasis treatment of the entire surface of the affected skin. Start with a small area and watch the reactions of the skin. Better yet, take the tests and see what substance, they do not have any contraindications, and be sure which components should be deleted.
  2. Cooking. Also specialists in modern medicine the trust of some of the old recipes. Their effective components contribute to the recovery. But there is a problem in the preparation of medicinal products. For some ointments, tinctures or decoctions are to spend a few hours, sometimes a few weeks. Plus, a slight deviation from a recipe can affect the proper dosage and to result in the dispersion of unpleasant consequences.
  3. The low performance. We say that each body is unique. There is no guarantee that every recipe will be effective and will help in dealing with psoriasis. Grandma's recipes are not drugs, conventional medicine, that is, the majority of them did not pass clinical trials. Therefore their use is comparable to the experiment. He is able to have a successful recovery and worsening of your disease.

If you take a responsible approach to their treatment at home and apply only proven and safe ways in the near future, with the beginning of the therapy you will see positive results.

Some alleged healer provides the patient, which will get rid of the scaly lichens always with the help of its amazing tools, I do not believe. This is usually the charlatans who try to profit from human misery.

Without a home or the modern medical methods are not able to treat psoriasis. The measure is the most expensive and newest ways is also focused on the suppression of symptoms.

Popular products

The sooner you start treatment, the more likely that suppression of the disease at the stage of its development. Advanced cases, trust only the experts. In combination with highly effective traditional medicine therapies can give the result.

popular products

One of the most popular ways to treat psoriasis at home include:

  • soda;
  • sulfate;
  • grease;
  • propolis;
  • tar.

They are used alone, or made with the addition of other components, in the form of ointments, lotions and other means for external use.

  1. For the treatment of grease and tar, which is used only for the affected psoriasis areas of the skin. It is important that the assets of literally 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Therapy includes increasing the duration of application of from 10 to 40 minutes. Every day add just 2-3 minutes, no more. Better to wash with warm water and soap, then use moisturizers. Treatment is not more than 14 days. Then you can take a break for a month and repeat the course;
  2. Baking Soda is one of the most common ingredients that are added to people medication. The simplest recipe consists of baking soda and warm water. The resulting mixture is applied to the skin and held for several hours. If you do compress, use 500 ml of water, 3 tablespoons of baking soda;
  3. Another popular method of treatment grandma's methods, which are based on the use of copper sulphate. The crushed vehicle, which is mixed with sulfur in the ratio of 50: 50 grams. Here you need to make 150 grams of animal fat and 25 grams of tar and celandine. All of this cook in the water bath for 15 minutes. If the medium has cooled down, lubricate the skin more than 1 hour per day;
  4. Propolis as an effective folk remedy used in the form of ointments. For its preparation take 50 grams of the ground propolis and 500 grams of butter, which is pre-melted. The ingredients are mixed and left to cool. Before applying the ointment as a compress effect on the skin, to better handle hydrogen peroxide. Compression is used for 10 hours. You can use every day for 3-4 weeks.

There are many recipes prepared with the appropriate available components, and they are easy to find at home. There are more and more sophisticated drugs.

All products for home use, which is based on the achievements of folk medicine are divided into external and internal. Some are given orally, and the other is used for damaged skin.

Recipes for taking internally

Before how to treat psoriasis by using combination therapy, the doctor will conduct the necessary examinations and consider the results of the tests. So he will choose the appropriate medication and can be individually addressed.

To rely on the grandmother method is not worth it. The effect is achieved with a combination of the most effective ways for getting rid of psoriasis.

Consider some of the most useful and easy to prepare.

  1. Bay leaf. A very quick recipe decoction, drink 3 times daily 100 ml in a week. 2 cups of water, you need to take 20 grams of sheet and break it into small pieces. Pour boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. When the soup has cooled, it should drain. The cure is ready for use.
  2. A combination of herbs. In the recipe for the soup are: chamomile flowers (4 large scoops), the herb st. john's wort and violet tricolor (3 tablespoons), casting of cranberries in the amount of 2 tablespoons. The problem is, that before each new appointment you need to prepare fresh soups. 1 tablespoon of the mixture, you need 1 Cup of boiling water. Add the extract (as much as a blend of herbs), and insist 30 minutes. Drink in the morning.
  3. In the celandine. You only need a teaspoon of herbs, which is poured 200 ml of boiling water. Insist drink should be 30-40 minutes, no less. Drink before Breakfast, lunch and dinner 30 minutes before meals. Strictly follow the dosage as this plant is toxic.
  4. Barley. Simple recipe for cooking, you will need 2 large tablespoons of flour from barley and 1 litre of hot water. Components, which insist in a thermos 4 hours. Before use, don't forget to drain. More than 5 times a day is not recommended. The daily dose is from 75 to 100 ml.
  5. The sea buckthorn oil. Nothing complicated in this treatment. You just need to buy oil and take it every day. A single dose is 1 teaspoon. More than 1 times a day take is not worth it.

Adding these teas and tinctures properly balanced diet, you can achieve an excellent result.

Recipes for outdoor use

Because psoriasis affects the skin, oral drugs are not so effective as a medicinal product for external use.

Pharmacies offer a wide selection of natural waxes with the use of safe ingredients of plant origin. A lot of them is developed to meet the established performance of traditional medicines. So the number of recipes unconventional medicine was the basis for the creation of the modern pharmacological drugs.

The use of folk recipes for outdoor use, you can reduce the manifestation of symptoms, to get rid of the pain and facilitate the functioning of the oral drug.

Consider a few of the popular ointments, creams, and baths:

  1. Eggs, vinegar and butter. 1 egg take a Cup of oil and vinegar. The ingredients are mixed and stand in the refrigerator for 7 days. Consequently, the ointment treatment psoriatic panels 5-8 times during the day.
  2. Grease. This is the basis, add acrid stonecrop, previously minced, and 2 large spoons of camphor. All of this is heated and mixed. After cooling, the ointment is ready. Used more than 3-4 times a day, not worth it.
  3. Lotion on the basis of celandine. Effective means that has come to us from our grandmothers. The lotion is prepared by extraction of fresh celandine. Gently with the drug, because it is toxic, and the excess dosage will affect the condition of the skin. Only helps in the early stage development of psoriatic lesions.
  4. Herbal bath. For the preparation of medicinal baths midwife advised to use a combination of succession, chamomile, sage and celandine. They are taken in equal quantity and pour hot water in the ratio of 1: 10. The vehicle, which has been infused for 30 minutes, after which it is poured into a tub filled. Cosy feel to the process monitor active regeneration of the skin.
  5. A sea bath. This procedure is equally suited and sea salt. The recipe is very simple. Running a bath of warm water and fall asleep there, a packet of salt. When it dissolves, go and enjoy in 15 minutes. Such procedures can be carried out every day, but not more than a week.
  6. A compression of garlic. Quite a few of the teeth of the caustic product and crush them. Garlic pulp pour boiling water (200 ml) and infused for 2 hours. The resulting product is used as a compress. There may be multiple applications per day.

This is a small proportion of the recipes that we have inherited from grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Some medications for hundreds of years, others discovered fairly recently.

Try not to experiment, trying on different drugs. Get tested, talk with your doctor, and determining a list of prohibited and permitted ingredients. Hi!