Early stages of psoriasis — how to avoid the development of disease?

How to start psoriasis! What starts psoriasis Skin-symptoms – causes the pathology and common disorders of the internal organs and systems, i.e. the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. Despite the variety of forms of psoriasis, age and pathogenesis of the disease have in common:
  1. Change the cell homeostasis.
  2. Dermis – vascular layer of skin – even the seemingly healthy areas of the skin is in this stage of inflammation. Some doctors consider an inflammatory reaction of the dermis to trigger the acute or early stages of psoriasis.
  3. The immune system disorders.
  4. Enhanced lipid peroxidation of cell membranes, and this process is the vendor a huge amount of reactive oxygen species. The effect of the toxic and antioxidant system is not able to cope with high levels of free radicals. It is therefore often reduced immunity and resistance to infection, stress to provide a preliminary indication of the symptoms of psoriasis, which debuted in skin lesions. Early stages of psoriasis in children the vast majority of cases are due to infectious diseases and inadequate work of the antioxidant system in these circumstances.
  5. Insufficient and inadequate function of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the liver and the pancreas, causing an imbalance of HDL and low density in favor of the latter, increasing the amount of total cholesterol and triglycerides.
Important! Obesity, atherosclerosis and diabetes can cause the initial manifestations of psoriasis type 2 individuals over 40 years. Due to the movement of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as patients, there is instability in the DNA of the epidermis and trigger excessive cell division. Factors that trigger psoriasis Factors that trigger psoriasis So where to begin with psoriasis? What predisposing factors lead to the appearance of the rash? The main instigators of the disease: Trauma to the skin, even a little friction, maceration, scratches, bites, burns, etc cause the appearance of the first symptoms of early stage psoriasis.
  1. Pregnancy, childbirth.
  2. Error in the diet.
  3. Diabetes and hypothyroidism.
  4. A serious infectious disease.
  5. Alcoholism.
  6. Hypothermia or overheating.
  7. Allergens and production factors.
  How is psoriasis early stages The clinical picture of early stages of psoriasis to form complex changes in the epidermis and the dermis: the cumulus of neutrophils in the skin leads to inflammation, increased permeability of blood vessels of the dermis is accompanied by edema and exudation, and why the skin basophils, releasing large amounts of histamine to provide intense itching. Supports the skin manifestations of uncoordinated work of internal organs and systems. The skin is the fault of the Horny layer in the form of a rash and plaques, the appearance of which depends on the shape and type of disease, age and individual characteristics. The first symptoms of psoriasis different common features:
  1. The localization of plaques in the outer part of the knees, outside of elbows, behind ears, head, lower back, buttocks.
  2. Itching: minimal he vulgar form, great , psoriasis of the scalp.
  3. The aggravation of the presence of precipitating factors.
Patients interested whether psoriasis itching in the early stages? The answer to this question is positive. Important. All the stages of psoriasis accompanied by itching of varying intensity. How is psoriasis early stages Forms of psoriasis and early-stage symptoms are Often the first manifestations are considered the usual rash. These lesions have a small diameter of 0.5-2 cm, localization typical of this disease, the stomach and other places the rash appears rarely. On the surface, rounded lesions detected peeling, color flake white or silver. Such sites or the so-called pimples is a clear boundary, the skin around them has not changed. The summer uniform is also one of the most common forms of the first manifestations of psoriasis. The scalp, skin and décolleté, upper back rash, small size, pink on the bottom. Diffuse psoriasis to form at the confluence of rash ordinary. The symptoms are characterized by the formation of large, with a diameter of 20-25 cm damage, on the basis of their bright red. Important. Early stages of psoriasis on the stomach is manifested in the presence of plaques with a large diameter. Plaques can be localized to the back, bottom, thighs, buttocks. But the first manifestations of the disease in this form is rare. Exudative form of psoriasis Debut in this form rare and most of the exudative type is the result of a wrong approach to treatment or self-treatment. Damage is a different diameter – from 2 to 10 cm and more. The characteristic symptoms, an infection of the peel turns yellow, fever, symptoms of intoxication are increasing. Severe forms – pustular, arthropathic, erythroderma – are rarely the cause of symptoms in the early stages. As a rule, on the background of reduced immunity, diseases of internal organs can affect the entire skin, joints. The original form of psoriasis in the form of erythroderma, arthropathy is characteristic of the type 1 is associated with HLA – debut becomes the cause of the injury. In the blood of patients with severe forms find a large number of circulating immune complexes "antigen-antibody" (CEC), which greatly affects the joints. In addition, the CEC leads to endogenous intoxication. How to recognize the onset of psoriasis in children How to recognize the onset of psoriasis in children Among the skin diseases in children at an early age is most often recorded in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis differencebut. The presence of this disease in both the parents, the child inherits his 70-80% of cases of the disease one of the parents is 40%. How to early stages of psoriasis in a child? This question is of interest to all parents, whose children have different skin rash you. So that you can distinguish this disease, doctors perform several tests:
  1. If you like radi stains, the peeling will be enhanced.
  2. If you do not fully remove the source of the scale begins to Shine through the thin delicate membrane.
  3. If the intentional removal of the film are droplets of blood.
A typical localization of lesions in children are sometimes not typical. The younger the child, tipichnye are rash: the lesions appear on the buttocks, back, stomach and not only the head, elbows and knees. Age of onset is different. In case of Allergy, pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic and acute infection of the disease psoriasis in children is year. The number of outbreaks also depends on comorbidities of the child. This can be a single rash on the back of the head or generativus rash. So how to identify psoriasis in the early stages, the child is not easy, pediatric dermatologists spend Urna probat, immunogram and detailed study of the organs and systems. Methods of treatment of the early stages Dermatologists are guided by defined methods, if the patient begins to psoriasis: the initial stage of treatment is carried out Detoxicación remedies, ointments with keratoplastic action does not contain hormones, retinoids, sedative and psychotropic drugs, antihistamines; relapses and exacerbations of the treatment is to supplement local and systemic corticosteroids, monoclonal antibodies, cytostatics and immunosuppressants. Medication Principles of treatment in the early stages can be reduced by drugs General and local application of hormonal and non-hormonal in nature. Detoxification therapy is mandatory for adults and children. Parenteral use of magnesium sulfate, salt solutions , glucose. Inside the use of calcium-gluconate, chelators, activated charcoal, white coal, Lignin. Non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs are given the initial manifestations of erythroderma, exudative and joint disease. Treatment medicines performed if the patient has debuted in severe psoriasis. Local treatment involves the use of salicylic ointment, ichthyol ointment, preparations based on naphthalan oil, tar. Relief of itching doctors prescribe anti histamine drugs. To sedative and psychotropic medications are herbal sedatives payments, depression drugs. Definitely sanifying chronic foci of infection, is to repair the liver, pancreas Cosmetics Regular use of cosmetics is necessary to consult a dermatologist. Many shampoos, lotions for everyday use can cause exacerbation of the disease. When the skin of the patient is characterized by dryness, it needs a thorough moisturizing treatment. It is recommended to use
  • malagmata subiciam
  • medical cosmetics
  • Shampoos must be chosen for at least the shelf life without fragrance, artificial dyes and sulfates.
High efficiency cream and vitamin D, tar, retinoids. Children can use the mare Lycium oil. Hand washing should take special therapeutic means without content of soap Physical therapy, ozone therapy and hirudotherapy Physiotherapy treatment at an early stage is a special place. The right combination of physiotherapy techniques, local therapy can achieve long-term remission and "isolation" of the disease in a mild form. Traditionally, the following procedure is used:
  • Uv-radiation in the form of PUVA treatment, silica treatment,
  • local and General irradiation, long-and medium waves.
  • Treatment pulse and high frequency currents treatment with currents supersonic frequency. Local ultrasound therapy.
  • Ozokerite and paraffin.
  • peloidotherapy.
  • Red and infrared radiation.
  • electrosleep.
  • Magneto therapy.
  • inductothermy region of the adrenal glands.
  • Bath treatments.
  • Intravenous laser irradiation of blood.
  • nitri, starch, milk, salt, peat, hydrogen sulfide, radon baths.
In recent years, much research has devoted to ozone . A new method and implemented in practice in recent years. It should be noted pronounced effect is in the early stages psoriasis. Ozone treatment has the following effect on psoriatic lesions:
  • To improve the microcirculation. emendate the rheological properties of blood.
  • Stimulates the antioxidant system.
Application girudoterapii important when psoriasis lesions on the joints. In the area of the joints 5 to 7 shall apply leeches, which have long been starved. The essence of the method is the fact that leeches secrete substances that solve the inflamed lesions and blood thinners. Perform 10-15 procedures, after which patients report pain relief and improved joint mobility. Popular recipes in the beginning stages of psoriasis Popular recipes in the beginning stages of psoriasis Traditional recipes traditionally used methods based on the use of betula tar, oak bark, burdock. The tar is applied in a liquid form. It put the tiles with a thin layer once a day. Allow it to dry. Further it is removed ointment medicine cosmetics or baby cream.